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The Social Security Administration will go through great lengths to disqualify and prolong the process of eligibility. I am not the claimant applying for disability, I am the wife. A victim of the process. I guess you have to walk through fire to get help for a loved one who is suffering mental illness. My experience is a tragic one.

I have been to lawyers, doctors trying desperately to get help for my husband who suffers from Bipolar II Disassociate identity disorder (DID). My husband has been denied now three times. It's not the denial that has caused me to start this blog. Its how far SSA will go to trash a person and his or her family. Making all of us out to be criminals. Disability Determination Services gathers information through "private investigators" and then manipulates that information to suit their purposes, DENIED!

The process is degrading. Hard working individuals, like myself, have their integrity and intentions questioned. Please read my story. My goal is to expose the dirty tactics used by Disability Determination Services, and the gangster people they hire to scare regular citizens like myself. Shame on you SSA - Disability Determination Services Offices.

I encourage all who have been mistreated, lied to, lied about, followed, bugged and videotaped to share their story. Expose this government agency for it's corruption and dirty tactics! Read My Story!

DDS Plays Dirty

DDS Plays Dirty

To whom it may concern (SSI),

Recently I was shown a report written by an investigator you had been hired to follow my family in an attempt to prove some illegal wrong doing (fraud). You succeeded through this shady private investigator (Richard DesHong ) who reports to Joseph Rogers, O1G point of contact, in frightening me and my children and then slandering my character.

Your report indicated that I was a drug addict running from the law. I feel a need to defend myself against such disgusting allegations. You did nothing but victimize me and my children. The level SSI will stoop to is mind-blowing.

The social security administration is a very flawed and corrupt system. They will go to great lengths to destroy lives. It’s obvious after this horrible experience that your gov. entity will go to extreme measure to ensure that people who need help don’t get it.

You hired a blatant liar (Richard DesHong ), to scare my family and make up false information. The Social security administration is an office full of incompetent liars. It is unimaginable that this system in our beautiful country does this to its citizens.

In this report you indicated that I was waiting for an SSI payoff. Your investigator lied outright. I work and have worked all my life. I have never manipulated the system and I have been a law abiding citizen. I support my kids and I am a good mother. I come from a culturally respectable family and believe I have done a great job raising my children.

My daughter is in high school and is a straight “A” student and has turned out pretty great. My son is eleven and I have a long way to go to raise him, but I guarantee he will be just as amazing as my daughter.

This investigator stalked my Facebook as he admitted it to me. This disgusting investigator followed us (my children and I) without identifying himself. This nasty investigator frightened me and my children. Show me any woman who is being followed by an unknown man in an SUV, who wouldn’t as you put it in your report “bolt”. My goal was to protect my children.

How dare you indicate that I was supposed to stop and find out what this creepy person wanted? All I was thinking is this person is going to harm me and my children. Imagine if it was you and your kids. Yes I bolted. I was afraid of being attacked or my children being physically harmed.

When this filthy investigator (Richard DesHong ), finally did identity himself, (Lied about his identity) he pretty much took every word I said and as a sub-human, manipulated my words into making me out to be a disgusting low life. I am offended and feel violated.

I realize this letter in no way will affect the decision in my husband’s case. This is not about my husband; this is about me and my children.

Your investigator (Richard DesHong ), even went as far as insinuating that I lost a lot of weight due to my drug usage. WOW, I haven’t lost weight in 5 years. I’m trying by eating right and walks daily with my kids. What a disgusting invasion of person’s life. I challenge you to go and speak to friends, relatives, anyone who has ever known me and they will scoff at these disgusting allegations.

I will make it my duty to expose SSI for their dirty tactics, using lies and fear to manipulate a case. I’ve lost my faith in the system. You’re not in it to help people. In the last 10 years I have raised my children and tried to take care of my husband who has struggled with mental illness. It has been difficult.

The only thing I am guilty of is trying to help him. He has under gone therapy for a year now and has been diagnosed with Bipolar II, dissociative personality disorder.

We lost someone dear to us so we have been struggling with unbearable grief. Mike, my husband has struggled and with him struggling so have my children and myself.

I will be making sure that I will tell all that will listen through social media, through internet blogging and other media outlets how far disability will go to prove that someone is lying about mental illness. SSI will take the victims (My children and I) and continue to victimize them through their unscrupulous, shady tactics.

I challenge you to prove my drug usage, my trying to work the system. Show me any arrest report. Dig dirty if you have to. I have never had tarnish on my record. I am a law abiding citizen and a God fearing person. I challenge you to bring someone forward to validate your disgusting lies. I’m curious how much you payed your filthy private investigator to write up those gross lies.

I asked for help, the help my husband desperately needed. I am a very private person and now for my need for justice and the truth, I will expose my life, and let people know the truth about SSI and their disgusting tactics.

I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone. *Robin Williams

Robin Williams, who heavily drank, had everything and ended up committing suicide. Imagine people who have nothing, who are dealing with mental illness. My husband has nothing; he doesn’t have me either since we’ve been separated. He has spiraled out of control. He’s dealing with grief, loss and now facing his own demons.

Thank you SSI for showing me how ugly and nasty you can get. You spied on me and mine, followed us and then trashed us. The people you employ (Richard DesHong ), should be investigated. What a great job. Trashing good people and then getting paid. Shame on you!

If I could sue you for defamation of character I would!

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